The Fellowship Of Faith Church

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner

The Gospel

March 18, 2020
“The Gospel” 1Cor.15:1-3 Now, there is a difference between—Gospel & Gossip. They both have the same root— But, they produce different fruit. 1. The Declaration Of The Gospel. (v.1,2) --Jesus…
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Fear Factor

March 15, 2020
1. Our Fear In The Coronavirus Matthew 8:24-27; Job 3:25; IITimo.1:7 Romans 10:17; Matt.14:28-31 2. Our Faith In the Christ. Matt.10:28; Luke 5:10; Hebrews 2:14,15 Deut.31:6,8 ; Isa.41:10,13,14; Isa.26:3,4 Psalms…
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