According to your faith

Bible Text: *Matthew 9: 27-31 | Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner |       According to your faith

*Matthew 9:27-31

1.These 2 Blind Men

   Follow Jesus.

How are they following him and they are blind?

—His Presence.

They sensed his presence and followed him.

—His Voice

They heard his voice and followed him.

-He is able to save.

-He is able to meet your needs.

-He is able to heal


-He is able to deliver.


-He is able to deliver from lions.


-He is able to keep his word.


-He is able to do more than you ask or think he can do.


-He is able to keep you saved.

*John 10:28,29

These Blind Men

     Had Faith In Jesus.

In (v.29) Jesus touched their eyes.

There is something special about Jesus’ touch.

-I want Jesus to touch me..

-I want Jesus to touch this church

-I want Jesus to touch my finances.

-I want Jesus to touch me..

These Blind Men Talk About

     The Fame Of Jesus.

(v.31) But they when they were departed,

              spread abroad his fame in all that country.

Jesus was not concerned about being popular preacher.

He didn’t heal them so he could have likes & views on social media.