Building Blocks Of Faith

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | 1. Love; The Foundation Of Faith.
Ephes.3:17; Ephes.1:15; 1Corin.13:2

2. Obedience; The Force Of Faith. James 1:22

3. Trials; The Fight Of Faith. James 1:3,4; IPet.1:7-9

4. Patience; The Fruit Of Faith.
Heb.6:12; Heb.10:36 ;Psa.37:3-5,7,9
Waiting is a posture of faith.
a. While I am waiting—I am eating the word.
b. While I am waiting—I am exercising my faith.
c. While I am waiting—I am expecting. Psa.62:5
d. While I am waiting—you gonna need someone to be encouraging. Prov.24:10

5. The Word; The Focus Of Faith. Romans 10:17

6. Answered Prayer; The Fruit Of Faith. Jude 1:20

Lesson By Pastor-Teacher Troy L. Garner
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”