Family Matters 4 – A Spirit-Filled Marriage

Ephesians 5:21-33 KJV

1. His relationship to her redeemer is spiritual. (v.21)

2. Her response to his role is submission. (v.22)
Prov.18:22; I Cor.11:3
A. Worrying Wives
B. Working Wives
C. Worshipping Wives
“submit” in Ephes.5:22 is Hypotasso
“obey” in Ephes.6:1 is hupakouo

3. Her respect to his responsibility is sacrificial. (v.25-27)
– (v.21) partnership.
– (v.23) leadership.
– (v.26,27) discipleship.
– (v.29)-“nourish”—Vitamins -“cherish”—Value.