Getting In The Ship: LEADERSHIP

“Getting In The Ship: LEADERSHIP”

1. The Principles Of Leadership
a. integrity
b. immorality
c. ingenuity. Matt.15:14
d. incredulity
e. immaturity Luke 2:52
f. inferiority
g. individuality
h. impetuosity Luke 6:12,13
i. impossibility

2. The Precepts Of Leadership
Exodus 17:11-13; the encouragement of leadership
Exo.18:13; the advice of leadership
Psalms 133; the anointing of leadership
Acts 6:1-8; the ordination of leadership
Ephes.4:11-14; the purpose of leadership.
I Timo.3:8-13; the qualifications of leadership.
Titus 1:5; the appointing of leaders
I Chron.29:24; the adoration of leadership.
–Leadership in the Home.
–Leadership in the Church.
–Leadership in the workplace.

3. The Persons Of Leadership
a. There are some great Leaders in the Bible; Impartation.
b. There are some Bad Leaders in the Bible; Illustration.
c. There are some modern day leaders that; Inspiration.

4. The Personalities Of Leadership

5. The Performance Of Leadership
a. By Phoniness
b. By Faithfulness
c. By Fruitfulness John 15:8; Rom.7:4; Colos.1:10

6. The Prayer For Leadership IThess.5:25

Lesson by:
Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”