God’s Desire For You In 2022

The Fellowship Of Faith Church
Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
Huntsville 10am Service

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“God’s Desire For You In 2022″

3 John 1:2

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.
I want to prophetically declare prosperity & health over your life for 2022.

1. The People Of God.
The people of God are called—“Beloved”.
All throughout the scriptures we are referred to as
the Beloved. He gives us instructions. 1Corin.10:14; ICorin.15:58; 2Corin.7:1 Col.3:12; 1Thes.1:4; 1Pet.4:12; 2Pet.3:8

2. The Prayer To God.
“I wish”..

3. The Priority By God. Matt.6:33
“above all things”..

4. The Promise From God.
“that thou mayest prosper”.
This is a promise of God.
a. God Wants You To Be Happy.
“that thou mayest prosper”.
–He wants you to prosper mentally. GOD wants you to have healthy thoughts. Philip.4:8; Isa.26:3
–He wants you to prosper domestically.
–He wants you to prosper physically. 1Thess.5:23
–He wants you to prosper financially.
–He wants you to prosper socially.
–He wants you to prosper spiritually.
GOD wants you to prosper.
Joshua 1:7,8; Psalms 1:3
Genes.24:42 God caused Abraham to prosper.
Genes.26:12 God caused Isaac to prosper.
Genes.32:9 God caused Jacob to prosper.
Genes.39:3 God caused Joseph to prosper.

b. God Wants You To Be Healthy.
“and be in health”..
The Gospel is not just theological it is also practical.
-Encouraging Joyously.
-Eating Nutritiously.
-Exercising Regularly. *1Timo.4:8

c. God Wants You To Be Holy.
“even as thy soul prospereth”.
It is not your body has a soul—
But, you are a soul with a body.*Psalm 34:2; Psalm 103:1; *Psalm 103:2; Psalm 104:1

Sermon by:
Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
The Fellowship Of Faith Church
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”