Nabal & Abigail: Living W/ A Fool

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Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
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“Nabal & Abigail: Living With A Fool”
1 Samuel 25

Last week in Chapt.24 we saw David refusing to retaliate.
We are not responsible for how others treat us—
But, we are accountable for how we treat others.

1. The Funeral Of Samuel. (v.1)

2. The Foolish Spouse. (v.2,3)
There are some great couples in the Bible:
-Adam & Eve
-Abraham & Sarah
-Joseph & Mary
-Ananias & Sapphira
-Isaac & Rebecca
-Samson & Deliah
-Nabal & Abigail
(v.3) gives us some characteristics, some qualities of Abigail.
-She had brains. (v.3c)
-She had beauty. (v.3d)

3. The Favor For Security. (v.4)

4. The Fight With Swords. (v.12)

5. The Faithful Sister. (v.14)
– (v.32,33) talk about the protection of God the preservation of God.

6. The Fruit Of Sin. (v.36)
– It is reference to—Nabal spiritually.
– It is reference to—Nabal physically

7. The Flirting Servant. (v.39); 1 Samuel 14:50

Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
The Fellowship Of Faith Church
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