Our Mighty Fortress

Bible Text: Psalms 46 | Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | “Our Mighty Fortress”
Psalms 46
The setting of Psalms 46 comes from IIKings 19:14-19
1. Our Immoveable Refuge; The Security Of God. (v.1-3)
a. The name of GOD—his authority of God.
b. The nature of GOD—his ability of God.
i.“God is our refuge”—his protection.
Psalms 62:8; Psalms 91:2,9; Proverbs 14:26

ii. “God is our strength”—his provision.
Isaiah 40:31; Psalm 29:11; Psalm 27:14; IITim.4:17; Philip.4:13

c. The need for God—the availability of God. Psa.50:15

2. Our Inexhaustible River; The Serenity In GOD. (v.4-7)
The revelation of the River is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. Jn.7:38
-(v.3) we have stress—
-(v.4) we have the Spirit.

(v.5) the person of God—“God”..
the presence of God—“In the midst”.
the power of God—“she shall not be moved”..
the promise of God—“God shall help her, and that right early”..

(v.6) we see devastation & deliverance
(v.7) Jehovah Sabboath the Lord who gets us out of trouble!; Psalms 20:1

3. Our Invincible Ruler; The Sovereignty Of God. (v.8-11)
a. In (v.1-3) we are to stop, pause & give GOD praise for
helping me in my problems.

b. In (v.4-7) we are to stop, pause & give GOD praise for his power.

c. In (v.8-11) we are to stop, pause & give GOD praise for
being preeminent—Being our conqueror.

Lesson By Pastor-Teacher Troy
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!