Our Security In The Sovereign

Bible Text: Psalms 91 | Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | “Our Security In The Sovereign”
Psalms 91
1. The Intimacy With God; His Presence.(v.1)

2. The Immutability Of God; His Person(v.1,2)
(v.1) “the Most High”—El Elyon; His preeminence, his supremacy.
(v.1) the Almighty”—Shaddai; His power, his sovereignty.
(v.2) the Lord”—Jehovah; His promise, his surety.
(v.2) My God”—Elohim; His person, his sufficiency.

3. The Invincibility In God; His Protection. (v.3-7)
a. Protection against the devil.(v.3); protection & deliverance.
b. Protection from the darkness.(v.5a)
c. Protection from demons.(v.5b)
d. Protection from disease. (v.6)
e. Protection from disaster.(v.6b); Psalms 46
f. Protection from death.(v.7)

4. The Immunity Through GOD; His Power. (v.9)
a. Your health. (v.10)
b. Your home. (v.10b)
c. Your help. (v.11,12); IIKings 6:16

5. The Impossibility Of God; His Promises
In (v.14) I will deliver
I will set him on high

In (v.15) I will answer him
I will be with him in trouble
I will deliver him
I will honor him

In (v.16) I will satisfy
I will show him my salvation

Lesson By Pastor Troy L. Garner
Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained