The 1st Easter

Matthew 28:1-10

My thesis statement is —JESUS LIVES!

—We see pictures of the resurrection in the Gospels. John 11:25
—We see principles of the resurrection in The Epistles. Roman 8:11
—We see the power of the the resurrection in Revelation. Revelations 1:18

1. The Sabbath. (v.1)
In the end of the sabbath is very significant.
Literally & Figuratively was the end of the sabbath day, Jesus rose on the 1st day of the week, heretofore, the reason why we worship on Sunday.
Sunday’s are for worship.

2. The Sepulchre.
Mary Magdalene, with the other Mary, they go the Tomb expecting to anoint Jesus’ body.
The 1st earthquake occurred in Matt.27:54
And, here in Matt.28:2 we see there was another earthquake.
Easter earthquakes, GOD wants to shake things up!
Angels were at the incarnation of Jesus. *Matt.1:30
Angels were at the Temptation of Jesus. *Matt.4:11
Angels were at the Crucifixion of Jesus.*Luke 22:43
Angels were at the Resurrection of Jesus.

3. The Stone. (v.2)
What they were worried about GOD had already worked it out!
The Angel was sitting on the Stone.
Sitting is a posture of authority.The World’s power is weak compared to God’s power.

4. The Soldiers.
In Matt.27 the soldiers believed.
In Matt.28 the soldiers were bribed.
Are you moved by faith or are you moved by finances?

5. The Saviour. (v.5,6)
The Empty Tomb proves the veracity of Jesus’ ministry.
This is what separates Christianity from other religions.

4 great words of Easter: COME, SEE, GO, TELL.

COME — The great invitation.
GOD invites us to experience him.
*Isaiah 55:18 *Matthew 11:28 *John 7:37
Come just as you are.

SEE — The great expectation.
There are some things GOD wants you to see, to experience for yourself. *Psalms 34:8

GO — The great motivation.
With excitement they went on a mission to tell everyone Jesus is alive!

TELL — The great proclamation.
Tell the story that Jesus is alive!

In (v.9) when the Women met Jesus — they worshipped him.

In (v.17) when the Disciples met Jesus — they worshipped him.