The Anointing Of David As King

The Fellowship Of Faith Church
Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
Huntsville 10am Service

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“The Anointing Of David As King”
1 Samuel 16:11-13

1. The Message To Samuel. (v.1)
– Psalms 78:70
– Psalms 89:18-20

2. The Moods Of Saul.(v.14-17)
– In (v.18) one of Saul’s servants says — 5 Things about David.
1) David was a gifted musician.
2) David was a great man.
3) David had good manners.
4) David was groomed magnificently.
5) David was graced in ministry.

3. The Mentality Of A Servant. (v.21)

4. The Music Of The Shepherd.v.23)
– Worship is refreshing.
– Worship is revitalizing v.23)
– Worship is restoring.v.23)

Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
The Fellowship Of Faith Church
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