The Day Jesus Died

Luke 23:44-49

1. The Crucifixion. (v.32-43)
There are 3-occasions in Matthews Gospel;
*Matt.16:21​, Matt.17:21​ & Matt.20:17​-19
where Jesus taught his disciples about his death.

2. The Curtain. (v.44)
– The miracle of darkness.
– The miracle of the torn veil. (v.45)
— Simultaneously
— Symbolically
— Supremacy
— Sovereignty.
— Spiritually.

3. The Christ. (v.46) Psalms 31:5 John 10:17​,18

4. The Centurion. (v.47-49)
a. The Centurion Was Worshipful. (v.47)
b. The Crowd Was Woeful. (v.48)
c. The Women Were Watchful. (v.49)
We see how the Cross should effect us.
— The Cross should make us watchful.
— The Cross should make us woeful.
— The Cross should make us worshipful.

Lesson by: Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”