The Death Of Saul

1 Samuel 31:1-11

1. The Attack. (v.1)
In 1 Timothy 6:12 Paul talks about the fight of faith. The Philistines constantly fought against Israel. Living a disciplined life. Yes, you may obtain victory in an area of your life—But, you also must fight to maintain victory in that area.
–The place is Mt. Gilboa.
–The posture is fighting.
–The promise is victory.

2. The Archers.
(v.3) uses the word “battle”. In Battle, Saul was hit by a Spear one of the Archers. That’s why we must put on our Spiritual Armor, more specifically the Shield of Faith because the Enemy is throwing demonic darts at you. This morning, I may be talking to some—Wounded worshippers. I want you to know Healing is available.

3. The Armour-Bearer. (v.3)
(v.4) deals with the importance of having someone in your corner. In your corner, do you have an Armourbearer Or, a PallBearer? The popular opinion is—Suicide is an unforgivable sin??
– Romans 8:38
– John 10:28
– John 3:16
– 1 John 1:9

4. The Anguish. (v.6)
All through 1 Samuel 31 it was a story of fleeing, falling & fearing. (v.1,4,5,7,8)

5. The Announcement. (v.8)
The Philistines made an announcement—Israel’s King is Dead! They published it in the house of idols, and among the people.
–In (v.9) The word “publish” is where we get the word Gospel from.
Gospel means Good News. To the Philistines this was good news—Israel’s King is Dead. This is the Philistines Gospel—Israel’s King is Dead.

6. The Analogy.
In 1 Samuel 31 we see the sad story of Saul’s death, but I also want you to see the sad story of Jesus’ death. Saul’s death gives us an analogy of Jesus’ death.

Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
The Fellowship Of Faith Church
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”