The Fall Of Gideon

Judges 8

–In Chapt.6 we saw—the call of Gideon.
–In Chapt.7 we saw—the battle of Gideon.
–In Chapt.8 we see—the fall of Gideon.

My thesis statement—learning to handle success.
Dealing with Character flaws.
-Gideon was subtly spiraling spiritually.

1. The Envy Of Gideon. (v.1-3)
– The criticism by the Men of Ephraim.(v.1)
– The flattery of Gideon.(v.2,3); Prov.15:1—

2. The Exhaustion Of Gideon.(v.4-20);
(v.7) Gideon gets in the flesh.
This is a different response from (v.2,3).
In (v.2,3) Gideon is acting Spiritually.
In (v.7) Gideon is acting carnally.
In (v.2,3) Gideon is acting heartily.
In (v.7) Gideon is acting harshly.
a. Gideon’s retaliation. (v.12-14)
b. Gideon’s rage. (v.15-17)
— Gideon went from Fear to Faith to Faint to Flesh.
— Gideon went from timidity to tyranny.
c. Gideon’s residence.(v.20)

3. The Ego Of Gideon. (v.21-24)

4. The Ephod Of Gideon.(v.25-30)
– Gideon’s idolatry.(v.27)
– Gideon’s polygamy. (v.30)

Lesson by: Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”