The Fellowship Of Faith Church


Bible Text: Proverbs 29: 18 | Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | “Vision”

SuperVision, ProVision, DiVision, TeleVision.

1. Vision Is Possible
a. Vision is inspiration.
b. Vision is imagination.

2. Vision Is Personal. Hab.2:2,3

3. Vision Is Potential. Jerem.33:3; John 5:20; Deut.11:7;
Ephes. 3:20; ICorin.2:9
You gotta see yourself possessing the promises.

4. Vision Is Purposeful.

5. Vision Is Pastoral.

6. Vision Is Perpetual.

7. Vision Is About People.

8. Vision Is A Principle.

9. Vision Is Being Prayerful.

10. Vision Is Praiseful. Isa.12:5; Psalms 126:3