7 Hebrew Words For Praise

The Fellowship Of Faith Church
Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
Huntsville Bible Study 6:30pm

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“7 Hebrew Words For Praise”

Praise should be a lifestyle for the Saints of God.

1. TOWDAH- to shout, sing or address with a LOUD voice with Thanksgiving, gratitude and raised hands unto the Lord; Having faith and assurance that it is WELL before you actually see the manifestation.
– Psalms 100:4-6

2.YADAH- to extend your hands in praise , to throw out your hands as a sign of adoration or surrender
– Psalm 67:3,5
– Psalm 134:2

3. SHABACH- to laud, to shout praises to God, Loud adoration, shout of triumph
– Psalm 47:1
– Isaiah 12:6
– Psalm 117:1

4. BARAK- to kneel or bow to bless God as an act of adoration, to salute
– Psalm 103:1
– Psalm 16:7a

5. ZAMAR- to pluck, to make music, sing, play a musical instrument
– Psalm 16:9
– Psalm 150: 3-5
– Exodus 15

6. TEHILLAH- to sing a new spontaneous song speaking of the character of God
– Acts 16:25

7. HALLELUJAH- to boast, brag or rave about God to the point of appearing foolish
– 2 Samuel 6: 14-16,23
– 2 Chronicles 20

Let EVERYTHING that has breath Praise the Lord!

Pastor/Teacher Troy L. Garner
The Fellowship Of Faith Church
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