Finding Christ In A Crisis

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | “Finding Christ In A Crisis”
It is said that—In Life, You are either—
heading into a storm,
going through a storm or
coming out of a storm—The reality of life.

This morning I want to teach on Finding Christ in a Crisis..
And there are 3Things I want to erect & unfold.
1. The Theology Of Trials.

When it comes to trials—
-Are you Bothered?
-Are you Bettered?—
-Are you Blessed?—

—Trials develops our character.

—Trials tests our heart.

—Trials introduces you to God.
-*Psalms 119:71

—Trials develops our faith.

—Trials doesn’t mean God
doesn’t love me.
GOD loves you.

—Some trials are the result of our own disobedience.
2. The Therapy Of Trials.
When going through trials—The Word is therapeutic.

The Psalms are a great source of encouragement when you are going through trials.
The Word builds faith.
The Word encourages
The Word strengthens..
The Word gives peace.

–*Psalms 9:9

–*Psalms 46:1

–*Psalms 57:1

–*Psalms 62:8

3. The Testimony Of Trials.
–*Psalms 107:6