Stewardship Defined

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | 1.Stewardship Is God Is Owner.
Deut.10:14; Haggai 2:8; Psalms 24:1; IChron.29:14

2. Stewardship Is We Are Overseers.
Someone said “Biblical stewardship recognizes that
God’s resources are to be deployed through
God’s people to accomplish God’s mission”.

Someone said “A steward is one who manages something on
behalf of someone else. All we have belongs to God.
He is the owner of everything, and our responsibility is to oversee and manage all we have received”.

There are different facets of stewardship.
–There is the stewardship of time. Psalms 90:12
–There is the stewardship of parenting. ISam.1:27,28
–There is the stewardship of finances. Luke 21:1-4
–There is the stewardship of priorities. Matt.6:33

3. Stewardship Is Our Occupation.
a. Our accountability. ICorin.4:1,2; Rom.14:12
b. Our responsibility. Matt.25:21; Psalms 101:6;
Prov.28:20;Luke 16:10

i. Eliezer. Genes.15:2

ii. Joseph in Potiphar’s house. Genes.39:4-6

iii. Jesus. Matt.24:45,46; John 10:17-18

Lesson By
Pastor-Teacher Troy L. Garner
“Jesus Is Exalted & The Word Is Explained!”