It’s Safer At Home

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | “It’s Safer At Home”

1. The Problems Of The Community Begins At Home.

2. The Purpose Of The Church
For The Home.

a. The purpose of the Church is
to strengthen your family.

b. The purpose of the Church is
to offer salvation to your family.

In Acts16 when the Jailer was saved, his family got saved.
3. The Plan Concerning
The Home.

—a. God’s plan for the Father is
leading in the home.

—b. God’s plan for the Mother is to be
teaching in the home.
*2Tim.1:5 When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith
that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded
that in thee also.

—c. God’s plan for the Children are to be
a Blessing in the Home.
*Psa.127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.

4. The Promises Of Christ
For The Home.
*Isa.32:18 And my people shall dwell in a peaceable
habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet
resting places;

*Prov.3:33 The curse of the Lord is in the house of the wicked:
but he blesseth the habitation of the just.

*Prov.14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house:
but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

*Prov.24:3 Through wisdom is an house builded;
and by understanding it is established:

*Gen.39:5 And it came to pass from the time that he had
made him overseer in his house, and over all that he had, that the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph’s sake; and the blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had in the house, and in the field.

*Psa.127:1 Except the Lord build the house,
they labour in vain that build it.

5. The Protection Covering
The Home. the blood
*Exo.12:7 And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on
the two side posts and on the upper door post of
the houses, wherein they shall eat it.

6. The Praise Celebration
In The Home.
*Rom.16:3,5 3 Greet Priscilla and Aquila my helpers in
Christ Jesus:4Who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles.5 Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Salute my well-beloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia unto Christ.

*Acts 12:12 And when he had considered the thing,
he came to the house of Mary the mother of John,
whose surname was Mark; where many were gathered together praying.

*Col.4:15 Salute the brethren which are in Laodicea,
and Nymphas, and the church which is in his house.

*Phil. 1,2 And to our beloved Apphia,
and Archippus our fellowsoldier,
and to the church in thy house