The Fellowship Of Faith Church

Honoring Your Mother

May 10, 2020
Passage: John 19: 26 - 27

“Honoring Your Mother”
John 19:26,27
1. Mary shows us A Mother’s Heart. John 19:26,27
In all 4major events of Jesus’ life, she was there.
--She was there at the conception, the Crucifixion.
--She was the Resurrection & Ascension.

2. Mary shows us—A Mother’s Hand.
--a. Mary’s parental discipline.*Luke 2:51
--b. Mary’s parental direction.
Mary knew who Jesus was based on—the promise of the Savior.
Matt.1:23 Luke 1:26-35

Mary knew who Jesus was based on—the prophecy of Scripture.
Matt.2:7,8 John 2:5

3. Mary shows us—A Mother’s Honor.Exo.20:12
a. A Mother honored by her children.
--We are to honor mothers by expressing gratitude.
--We are to honor mothers by giving them gifts.
--We are to honor them by thanking God.

b. A mother honored by her spouse. Prov.31:28; IPet.3:7

4. Mary shows us—A Mother’s Home.
Mary was a model mother in that she reared the Son of God.
*Luke 2:40-42
a. A Mother’s job; her price.
the story on CNN by Ann Romney

b. A Mother’s Journey; her prayer.
In 1820 there was a man by the name of Peter Richley