Honoring Your Mother

Bible Text: John 19: 26 – 27 | Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | “Honoring Your Mother”
John 19:26,27
1. Mary shows us A Mother’s Heart. John 19:26,27
In all 4major events of Jesus’ life, she was there.
–She was there at the conception, the Crucifixion.
–She was the Resurrection & Ascension.

2. Mary shows us—A Mother’s Hand.
–a. Mary’s parental discipline.*Luke 2:51
–b. Mary’s parental direction.
Mary knew who Jesus was based on—the promise of the Savior.
Matt.1:23 Luke 1:26-35

Mary knew who Jesus was based on—the prophecy of Scripture.
Matt.2:7,8 John 2:5

3. Mary shows us—A Mother’s Honor.Exo.20:12
a. A Mother honored by her children.
–We are to honor mothers by expressing gratitude.
–We are to honor mothers by giving them gifts.
–We are to honor them by thanking God.

b. A mother honored by her spouse. Prov.31:28; IPet.3:7

4. Mary shows us—A Mother’s Home.
Mary was a model mother in that she reared the Son of God.
*Luke 2:40-42
a. A Mother’s job; her price.
the story on CNN by Ann Romney

b. A Mother’s Journey; her prayer.
In 1820 there was a man by the name of Peter Richley