Family & Forgiveness

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | Family & Forgiveness
1. The Meaning Of Forgiveness
a. Forgiveness in not denying a wrongdoing.
b. Forgiveness is not forgetting.
c. Forgiveness is not faking it.
d. Forgiveness is continual.
e. Forgiveness is not wanting revenge.
f. Forgiveness is seeking reconciliation. Heb.12:15
g. Forgiveness is by faith.Mk.11:25

2. The Message Of Forgiveness. IICorin.5:18,19

3. The Model Of Forgiveness
Jesus Luke 23:33-35
Stephen Acts 7:59,60
Mary Luke 7:47
The Parable Matt.18:21-35
The Prodigal Son. Luke 15
John Mark & Paul. Acts 15:39; IITimo.4:11 reconciliation
Joseph & His Brothers
Esau & Jacob
Onesimus Philemon 17,18

4. The Medicine Of Forgiveness
The result of forgiveness is healing..
The effects of forgiveness physically.
The effects of forgiveness spiritually.
The effects of forgiveness mentally.
The effects of forgiveness morally.

5. The Messiah Of Forgiveness
Matt.6:14,15; Luke 6:37; IJohn 1:9; Isa.43:25,26
Ephes.1:7; Ephes.4:32; Colos.1:13,14; Daniel 9:9
Psalms 103:12