Look & Live; The Serpent On The Pole

Bible Text: Numbers 21: 4-9 | Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner | Look & Live;
The Serpent On The Pole
*Numbers 21:4-9

1. The Reality Of The Curse
In The Form Of Serpents.
—In (v.4) The people of God were on their way
to the promised land.
—In (v.5) we see an unbelieving path of sin.

—In (v.6) we see the universal presence of sin.
to sin.

—In Revel.12 we see the old Serpent being cast out.

Psalms 51:5 ; Rom.5:12

2. The Remedy Of The Cross
Is Faith In The Savior.
—In (v.7) as a result of the fatalities the people of God

—In (v.8) we see GOD’s response.

Gen.3 ; Gen.22 ; Exod.12 ; John 3:14 ; Num.21:8 ; John 3:14 ; Gal.3:13 ; Num. 21 ;
John 3:14

In (v.9) we see pictures of the Sacrifice
on the Cross.
Rom.6:23 ; Matt.27:45 ; Rom.5:9 ; I Cor.15
Isa.53:4-6 ; IJn.2:2

—principles of salvation in Christ.

–the sufficiency of salvation.

–the security of salvation.


I Jn. 5

–the simplicity of salvation.
*Rom.10: 9,10

3. The Responsibility Of
The Christian Is
The Fruit Of Salvation.
John 12: 32 ; Num. 21