The Saga of Samson’s Strength

1. Samson & His Family. Judges 13

2. Samson & His Females. Judges 14
– Samson’s problems began when he started dating out of the will of God. That girl in Timnath
–In Judges 16 Samson dates a prostitute in Gaza. Also, in Chap.16 Samson falls in love with Delilah.

3. Samson & His Faith.
– In Judges 15 the author of Judges uses some irony & satire in writing the saga of Samsons strength in that
– Samson was able to conquer many Philistines
– But, he couldn’t conquer his own flesh.

4. Samson & His Fall. Judges 16;5
In (v.17) Samson Bald.
It also speaks of Samson being out of fellowship & relationship with GOD.
The real source of Samson’s strength was the Holy Spirit.*Judges 14:6 *Judges 14:19 *Judges 15:14
In (v.20) Samson Backslid. (v.20) reveals the state of our modern day Spirituality—“He knew not that the Lord had departed from him”.
In (v.21) Samson Blind. The Philistines took Samson–Put his eyes out. Notice in (v.21) the word “and”.. Additionally in (v.21) Notice the word “down”.. The word “down” describes the digression of Samson’s life due to sin—*Jud.14:5 *Jud.14:7 *Jud.14:8 *Judges 14:19 *Jud.16:21
In (v.22) Samson Bound. Samson is in prison and bound with chains of brass. But, Samson’s hair began to grow again. This is a picture of grace.

5. Samson & His Finish.
What can we learn from Samson’s story.
-We can learn from Samson’s mistakes.
Samson made mistakes but I love how the Bible says—
“But his hair began to grow again”.
That’s a picture of grace!
-We can learn from Samson’s marriage. Make sure your Spouse knows Jesus!
-We can learn from Samson’s ministry. That the source of strength is the Spirit.
-We can learn from Samson’s Maker. All through Samson’s story you can see the hand of God.