Thy Faith Has Made Thee Whole

There are 3 Synoptic scenarios where faith got Jesus’ attention and Jesus responded to their faith.

1.The Women With An Issue Of Blood;
Faith That Overcomes. *Mark 5:34
Her condition. (v.25)
Her confession. (v.28)
Her confirmation. (v.34)

2. Blind Bartimeaus; Faith That Obtains. *Mark 10:52

3. The Leper; Faith That Obeys. *Lk.17:19 Notice the word—cleansed. (v.14)
Notice the word—healed. (v.15)

“Thy faith hath made thee whole”.
With each of these scenarios you can clearly see the importance of faith.

—“Thy”—is faith is personal.

—“Faith”—is faith is a principle.
Faith activates the power of God.
Faith moves the hand & heart of God.
Faith taps into the resources of God.
Faith ignites the possibilities of God.

—“make thee”—is faith is potential.

—“whole” is—faith is powerful.
The word “whole” in greek in all 3 scenarios is sozo.