The Fellowship Of Faith Church

Preacher: Pastor Troy Garner

Hinderances To Faith

February 16, 2020
Hinderances To Faith. 1.Unforgiveness. *Mk.11:22-25 2. Not walking in Love. *Gal.5:6 3. Ignorance. *Rom.10:17 4. Fear. 1Jn.4:18 5. Worry. 6. Disobedience. *Heb.4;2 7. Reason. *Prov.3:5 8. Impatience. *Heb.6:12 9. Doubt.…
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Stewardship Pt.1

January 8, 2020
Stewardship Pt.1 1. Stewardship Deals With Investing In Your Church. Phil.1:3-5 2. Stewardship Deals With Interceding For Your Church. 3. Stewardship Deals With Inviting People To Your Church. 4. Stewardship…
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January 5, 2020
“Vision” Prov.29:18 SuperVision, ProVision, DiVision, TeleVision. 1. Vision Is Possible a. Vision is inspiration. b. Vision is imagination. 2. Vision Is Personal. Hab.2:2,3 3. Vision Is Potential. Jerem.33:3; John 5:20;…
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